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Andrew Covington Attorney at Law

I'm Andrew Covington. My journey to becoming a lawyer began in an unexpected place – the music industry. As a former recording artist, I experienced first-hand the intricacies of the industry, and in the process, discovered a passion for the nexus of Entertainment and Business law. Observing a significant need for comprehensive legal guidance for artists, I was inspired to protect and empower those in creative fields. This prompted my pursuit of law and led me to Elon University School of Law.

I am proud to be a part of Elon's first graduating class from their trailblazing 2.5-year law program. This accelerated path broadened my capabilities, shaping me into a multifaceted attorney, uniquely attuned to the dynamic needs of my clients. At Covington Law, we offer a variety of services, including Trademark, Copyright, Business, and Entertainment Law. My experiences in the music industry lend me a unique perspective, enabling me to empathize with my clients, helping them comprehend their legal rights, and achieve their objectives.

In an industry where only about 5% of attorneys are Black, my journey signifies more than just personal accomplishment. It is an emblem of representation, an inspiration for aspiring Black lawyers, and a statement that challenges systemic inequality. This role holds great importance to me, fueling my commitment to support my community and foster diversity within the profession.

Choosing law wasn't just about a career for me; it was about service. It meant using my expertise to demystify complex legal matters and assisting others in reaching their aspirations, thus cultivating a stronger community. This ethos of service extends to my work in criminal defense, traffic law, real estate, and personal injury cases. Regardless of the legal challenge, my goal is to advocate tirelessly for my clients, safeguarding their rights, and striving for fair outcomes.

I firmly believe that my duty as a lawyer extends beyond the courtroom—it is about making a positive impact in my community.


By helping others protect their rights, navigate legal challenges, and achieve their dreams, I hope to make a meaningful contribution towards a just society.

So, whether you're an entrepreneur securing your brand, a musician navigating contract law, or an individual seeking guidance in real estate or personal injury, I'm here for you. Together, we can turn your legal challenges into opportunities for growth.

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